New to Barre Belle

Welcome to Barre Belle! We look forward to having you at one of our studios! When you sign up for a class aim to be there fifteen minutes early. This will give you time to meet your instructor, notify them of any injuries, tour our studio and purchase the mandatory ToeSox required for class. ToeSox keep your feet clean and slip free on our hardwood studio floors. We sell them at all our locations and they range from $25-$40 dollars.

This is not your typical Barre class!

We recommend all new clients attend either the Barre Belle Fit or the Barre Belle Fat Burn class for their first time (please avoid Barre X and GALS for your first class with us). Class begins with a warm-up in the centre floor, followed by upper body work using light weights, high repetitions and isometric holds. Following that – we move to the Barre to focus our attention on the lower body by using elements from classical ballet that tone and strengthen the quads, glutes and inner thighs. We complete the workout on the floor for our core and back then finish with a cool down and stretch. All signature classes incorporate high impact cardio intervals to get your heart rate up and burn those calories! Our instructors will provide low impact modifications as well. We begin all our classes on time and clients are not permitted into the class after the five minute cut off. Please make your instructor aware of any injuries or limitations before class begins.